London Christmas Morning (a.k.a. How I Survived The Scenes Of 28 Days Later)

So around about this time last year (Christmas morning, 2012 to be exact), while you were all asleep in your comfy beds, up and about playing with your new toys, or getting ready to drive 3 hours to see your favourite in-laws, I was, as many of you know, living in London. With the exception of a Christmas dinner with my beloved housemates and friends, I didn’t have any plans for the morning or day, so I took the opportunity to embark on a photo project that I’d wanted to do for a while. I’d heard from a couple of photographers that Christmas morning was an incredible experience (and the only time) to see London as a virtual ghost town. More specifically, it looked like a scene out of 28 Days Later, especially when a population of around 8 million is reduced to a couple of cabs and a few stragglers.

So in the middle of the pouring rain on a cold Winter’s morning, I packed my camera, got on a Boris Bike, and set off to ride around the empty streets of London. It was eery; and it was wet. Fun, though. Anyways, I thought it would be an appropriate time to post these photos on my blog for anyone interested in wanting to see what it would be like if the Zombie Apocalypse had taken over the streets of London. I hope you get a kick out of them, and I’ll take this opportunity to wish a very Merry Christmas to all my friends located in all the different corners of the globe xo


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