Amsterdam – Pandemonium Personified

Amsterdam doesn’t chew you up and spit you out: It swallows you whole. The contrast between the beauty of the city’s buildings and canals, and the sleaziness of the red light district, is always something you hear about, but to see it for yourself, it’s quite surreal. The place is littered with ‘coffee shops’, bars, clubs, the lot. Like Kings Cross but on a whole other level. But as well as that, there are amazing parks, canals, buildings, it’s just incredible.

After partying for the first couple of days, I decided it was necessary to go on an adventure. I hired a bike, and set on my way. It was so much fun. Well, it was fun, until I realised that after riding around for a couple of hours after lunch, I didn’t have a clue where I was. Lost, in a city I didn’t know, with no map and no internet for my phone. At first, I didn’t care. “I’m free to do what I want”, I thought. But then, when I realised that the bike store had my passport, and that it was supposed to close in a couple of hours, I decided this new-found, carefree attitude I’d developed, may have to be put on hold, until I figured out where the fuck I was. I finally stopped and asked a guy about to get in his bike. He was kind enough to allow me to ride with him until I found the park across from the hostel. Thank Christ for that.

There isn’t really much else to say. I managed to lock myself out of my room at three-thirty in the morning. Heading down three flights of stairs to the reception, which also had a bar and smoke room full of people, wearing nothing but my boxer shorts, to get a replacement key, was one hell of an experience. I guess it’s these types of incidents that suck at the time, but make for great stories later.

I’m too tired to write anymore. 10 bed dorms are not the easiest places to get a good night’s sleep in. Again, all part of the experience I guess, hey?

Pictures this week are mainly of nice places around Amsterdam. Nothing illegal, sorry fellas.


One response to “Amsterdam – Pandemonium Personified

  1. Sounds like a good time mate! Great meeting you here in HongKong, all the best in Melbourne and take good care of those briljant suites 😉 See you in AUS! Cheers, Bas

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