Week 5 – “Bonjour, you cheese-eatin’ surrender-monkeys!”

So I’m in Amsterdam at the moment. The hostel is full of young kids, catching up on their emails, Facebooking, and making last minute bookings through Eurolines. Everyone seems to be really tired though, cause everyone has bloodshot eyes. Maybe it’s the air con, who knows…

This week i’ll be publishing pictures from my French trip. Paris was amazing. Such a beautiful city, and the way of life, well, I know Australians are meant to be the laid-back nation, but Parisians sure do love to chill. Random chairs everyone around the gardens, and most of them full. My kinda place.

I celebrated my birthday whilst in Paris. It was weird, and based on my first night experience in the Hostel – not really meeting anyone –  I was concerned that I wouldn’t get to celebrate my birthday properly. But, I did manage to meet some people that night and upon learning it was my birthday, proceeded to buy me drinks. We also learned a relatively simple but fun drinking game known as Fingers On The Glass. Definitely bringing that one home. Sovereigns is still the best one I’ve learned so far though. I had a sore head the next day.

Since I hadn’t really done many touristy things, I thought it best for me to pull myself out of bed (not easy) and get on the free walking tour. It was worth it. Not only did I get to see and hear some fascinating stuff, but I met a few really cool people and after the tour, we decided to sit on the grass, in the sun, with the Eiffel Tower in plain sight, and drink beers. 2 Aussies, a Canadian, a Swede (who was also a Greek) and an American. Yep, a genuine UN assembly. And in UN assembly tradition, we voted unanimously to head home, shower, buy some cheese, bread and wine, and head down to the canel for a picnic. The day/night combo easily rates as one of the best days I have ever had. Fact.

The next day I began my Busabout adventure by leaving Paris to head to Amsterdam. We stopped in Bruge and most of the bus got out. I still have no idea why I didn’t think to stop there. After seeing the film (twice now) and seeing the place myself, I will definitely make sure I head back there. After a 45 mins stop over, we picked up some extra travelers and headed to Amsterdam.

Amsterdam indeed. The place is phenomenal. The hostel I’m staying in has a great vibe. People are in the Smoking Room all hours of the day, and when they’re not in there, they’re out here in the bar drinking and being merry. One of the most noticeable things when traveling, is the complete lack of people complaining. No one is complaining about their job, or that they’re bored, or they don’t feel like this or that. It’s a refreshing thing to be surrounded by. People are here for one reason and that’s to have fun. It’s a shame it can’t always be like this.

I’m heading out tomorrow to finally get some photos. Might even get a bike for the day too. You know, just cause I can.

Pics to follow. Oh and I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce Rocksteady into the blog. Rocksteady has agreed to come with me on the trip and pose for pictures in front of various monuments and partaking in local traditions. It’s a way for me bring something unique to the shots (*cough* “Amelie rip-off” *cough), and since taking self portraits on a SLR is damn near impossible, this will be the next best thing.

Heading to Berlin on Saturday. CANNOT wait for that. Also, the Bundesliga cup final is on while I’m there so best believe I’ll be watching that in the most crowded pub I can find.


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