Week 3 – “The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living”

So I catch the Tube like it ain’t no thang, pop into the Tate Modern to stare at paintings I pretend to understand, and can fetch you a box of teabags from Sainsburys in under 2 minutes. Yep, i’m starting to get comfortable in London. But having said that, I am still finding myself a little lost at times, mainly in my decision making. For example, I got my lip pierced in Camden on Saturday. At 3:30am this (Monday) morning, lying in bed, I decided to take it out. No real important reason, although it was forcing me to alter the way I ate, and those who’ve known me for more than 5 minutes know that I hate anything that gets in the way of smashing a good meal. Today, I wish I’d left it in. The point is I change my mind wayyyyy too often.

Also, my real trekking starts very soon, so any feelings of comfort I have at the moment will need to be pushed aside as I head over to Paris, find my own hostel to stay at and make sure I’m ready and organised to catch the bus from Paris to Amsterdam as planned. It’s a little bit of a stress for me at the moment.

It sounds like I’m complaining, but I’m not. This is a great opportunity and I really am having a time so far, it’s just the fear of the unknown that’s getting to me a little. There’s no doubt this experience will improve the way I’m able to deal with situations like this.

Anywhoo, just a short vent to fill the gap between posting this week’s pics. Pics include the London Marathon, the Tate Modern, everyone’s favourite bartender Clair Richards drinking PIMMS from the jug, and me in a red London telephone box, scoring an incredible 2/10 for originality (i’m saving 1/10 for when I cleverly place my hands to make it look like I’m holding up the Leaning Tower Of Pisa).



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