Week 2 – “Get us a cup of tea, would you Errol?”

It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve left home, although it doesn’t feel like it. James and Danni have given me a home away from home and I’ve settled in nicely to a blow up mattress in the corner of the living room, which to be honest, is a million times comfier than my bed from home.

Settling in like this has had its benefits. I can cook my own food, I can come and go as I please, and they are located right in the middle of town, so I can walk anywhere I need to go. But, there are the downsides. Thanks to the comfort of the couch, the warmth of the blanket, the simple joy of a cup of tea, and my previous habit of watching TV on my days off from work, I am now  finding myself being sucked into daytime television. So don’t bother asking me what it was like to ride on the London Eye, or what a picnic in Hyde Park was like. But if you wanna know what Clarkson’s favourite car of 2007 was on Top Gear, or what I think about Lucas’  tough decision on One Tree Hill, then hit me up.

It costs £8 a day to travel on the train into London from where I’m staying, so my trips to the city have been savoured. Having said that, London is not as expensive as everyone made me believe it was. I’m not sure if it’s because of the stronger $AU, or that people like to exaggerate, but the cost of a pint is between £2-£4, which equates to about $3.20-$6.40. Anyone that’s been out drinking in Melbourne lately will know that’s a bargain. Oh and don’t bother asking about the cost of spirits/shots – it’s a crime not to order a double.

I really am having a great time for the record. The simplicity of watching the football in the pub and walking around the incredibly large streets and alleys helps put things in perspective.

I’ll be heading to Liverpool soon, and thinking about heading up to Scotland while i’m that far up north. My Eurotrip is penciled in for 10 May. Leaving from France, but that’s flexible, so we’ll see how everything pans out. It’s nice to live life on a whim.

’til next time…


One response to “Week 2 – “Get us a cup of tea, would you Errol?”

  1. In Liverpool do the Beatles Museum, it’s really good, and visit Anfield for me. CARN THE MIGHTY REDS. Have fun! xx

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