Week 1 – “London Calling”

And so the journey has begun.

I’m pleased to advise that the flight from Melbourne to Abu Dhabi was fine, although it did consist of a very talkative seat-buddy, who insisted I look through his latest copy of ‘Stack’ – the DVD catelogue for JB – Hi Fi, and who is busy re-writing the ‘How-To’ guide on invading personal space in the already tiny, economy seats. Oh and did I mention crying babies? Oh yeah, a tick in every box for economy-riding clichés.

Nevertheless, I arrived safely and was greeted by my good mate James, who along with his lovely lady Danni, have welcomed me into their home. After having been awake for 40 odd hours (I don’t sleep on planes), the obvious thing to do was to dump my bags, shower, and head to the pub. Obviously. After our forth pint, and my insistence that I visit Prince Albert as part of my sightseeing journey, it was decided that bed was perhaps the better option. I was able to decipher the next day, after being advised by Danni of my need to visit Prince Albert, that my viewing of the King’s Speech, on the flight to Heathrow, may have influenced my delirious request.

London really is an amazing city. To my surprise – and contrary to what I’ve heard from many – the sun does shine here. In fact, of the six days I’ve been here so far, four have been over 20 degrees, with the sun shining in all it’s glory. This has helped with the transition. There are pubs aplenty and culture around every corner too. My kind of place. Also, people either sound like David Attenborough, Karl Pilkington, or someone from the East Enders; either way, it’s great entertainment when someone’s talking to you.

Photos will be posted as often as possible, although I must say, editing (and typing for that matter) on a 10″ laptop is frustrating to say the least. I miss my Mac and LR3, but the HP notebook and DPP will have to do for now.

Off to get some culture now. And by culture, I mean a pint. Alright govn’r?


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