Let’s begin at the beginning, we’re lovers and we’re losers

So I registered this blog a while ago, but as with most things in my life I’ve sat and thought about it, only to realise days have passed and nothing has been done. The idea behind this blog has changed often too, which has definitely helped towards the procrastination.

I’ll be traveling to the UK and Europe in just over a month, and since I love to write and love to share photos, I thought this would be a suitable way to share my experiences. I could just use FB or Twitter of course, but I would prefer to reserve FB to feed my narcissistic tendencies, and Twitter for those A.D.D. moments.

This is an excellent platform to share photos on though, and since shooting and I have re-kindled an old love affair, this will be perfect.

The subject heading of my first post seemed like a fitting title to kick things off. It’s also the opening words to the song ‘I Knew Prufrock Before He Was Famous’ by the lyrical and musical genius, Frank Turner.

I’ve just found out that Frank will be playing at the East Brunswick Club 11 days after I leave the country. I can’t say I’m extremely happy about this, since this will be the second time I’ve missed seeing him play in Melbourne. However, it’s more important for me to see him play than to visit any tourist sites, so Frank, I’ll see you in the UK. At least more than once too.

Oh, and thanks for making the soundtrack to my life mate.


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